is this arthritis?

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my husband seems to be suffering with arthritis....i say seems as the symptoms of a swollen, painful wrist/hand began 3 days ago and nothing is shifting it! i took him to hospital A & E as we were sure he had sprained or worse the hand, only to be told by the nurse after an xray that it was very possibly arthritis.....the only doubt in their mind was a shadow 'break' in the wrist which may end up being a fracture but they doubted it. My confusionn lies in the belief that if you have a flare up of arthritis, that its unlikely to consistently be flaring for days on end or am i wrong? no other symptos so far but he is overweight and has had health (heart) issues in
the past.
many thanks


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    Hi harryzannides16 and welcome to the forums.

    Sadly, swollen and painful joints can be a result of a range of causes and be long lasting and hard to bare.

    None of us here on the forums are medically qualified to provide a diagnosis as we are all volunteers who have experience of one or more of the many forms of arthritis.

    Your best next step will be to make an appointment with your doctor who will then make a proper medical diagnosis.

    Do let us know how you get on and what happens :D

    Best wishes