Psoriatic athritis

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I’m new here but having PA for over 30 years want to learn more and share my experiences. I’m on a cocktail of meds including Methotrexate and Humira 2 weekly injections. Pain levels vary and there are many tasks which I find difficult, but am at last learning to listen more to my body and I’d I’m in a flare then take things easier and not be too hard on myself.
I don’t have any Psoriasis and haven’t had for over 20 years. The best thing for me has been my love of swimming. I am able to swim easier than I walk and the benefits of my swimming are very
Positive. I managed to complete an open water marathon last year and have other future long distance swims planned. When at its worst I would never have believed it possible to do what I have so all I would say is “Don’t give up!” And don’t push yourself when your joints feel like they’re on fire. Thanks


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    Hi Andy,
    Welcome to Versus Arthritis. I hope you find participating in the various forums of benefit as well as being able to share your own experiences. Swimming certainly appears to have been of great benefit to you.

    There's a wealth of information within our website which may be of interest, for a start here's a link to PA:

    You may wish to make a post in the 'Say Hello' forum to introduce yourself as a new member.

    All the best
    ChrisB (Website Moderator)
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    Hi Andy and welcome from me too. You seem to have this under good control so well done you :D I've had RA for a loooooong time. Anyway, welcome aboard our creaky ship and please join in anywhere.
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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