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I thought I would say hi I'm 43 undergoing physiotherapy and been told that I have osteoarthritis in both knees but left knee worse I have had pain in knees for nearly 20 years since injury in armed forces but just got on with pain and took over counter pain relief until about year and half ago so went to doctors who referred me to physiotherapist had xray and then was told


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    Hi David and welcome to the forums.

    Sorry to hear you have finally been diagnosed with osteoarthritis after 20 years. Are you on any prescribed medication for the pain?

    We have an excellent page of information on osteoarthritis and how it affects the knee here:


    Do ask if you have any questions and join in across the forums.

    Best wishes
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    Hi David. I hope the physio helps. I'm a huge believer in it and we've had more than one person on here with knee OA who took up cycling and never looked back. I'd love that to be the case for you.
    I've had both knees replaced but 've had RA for most of my life.

    Please ask quesions if we can help. Living With Arthritis is the most-used forum. If you scroll down there you'll find a thread by Mike1 who is also ex-forces and was looking for similar some weeks ago.
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    Hello, I have two knds of arthritis in my knees and do my physio exercises daily: they do not reduce the pain in any way but I firmly believe that keeping my muscles as strong and flexible as possible can only be a good thing. I have around forty affected joints, so in a different creaky boat to you, but pain is pain is pain.

    OA often results after joint trauma, in my case the trauma was caused by my auto-immune arthritis. It is the most common form of the disease, affecting millions of people, but to receive the diagnosis is a shock. It is not curable and is 'treated' with pain relief, maybe an anti-inflammatory medication and maintaining good physio habits. DD
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    Hi David welcome t the forum from me too.

    I am sorry to hear about your OA and hope the physio is helping you?

    Do join in wherever you like you will be really welcomed. :)