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I'm a long time fundraiser for the charity but unfortunately now the body doesn't let me do things like running and cycling, even with all the careful prep I used to do, to raise money (I had JIA at 11yrs old, now PsA & AS in my mid 30's).

I've had a rough 2019 with the switch to biosimilars coinciding with me becoming a first time dad and another charity and some of my Drs suggested that I write about my experiences for the benefit of others and put my energy into raising awareness whilst I adjust to not being able to do sport and so much physically as I used to.

I therefore started up a blog ( Its early days but I'm always looking for feedback, stories and opportunities to promote the positive side of fellow sufferers alongside the challenges day to day...and that's where your good selves come in. If any of you would like to share your stories, promote your fundraising, write a guest post or help me create a pool of useful resources, then either drop me a message over at or email me at [email protected] You'd not only be helping create something that hopefully helps others out of my difficult situation but you'd also be helping me find something positive to focus my time on again.

Thanks in advance, Joel.


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    Hi Joel and good to see you joining the forums.

    The blog looks great and nice to see that you have already had a good number of visitors, comments, likes and subscriptions :D

    Well worth the effort and do keep posting!

    Best wishes
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    Thank you Brynmor and thank you for allowing the plug.

    I'm by no means a natural writer and talking about my health is something I have always struggled with throughout my adult life but the positive response I've had to the blog and the thought of helping others is certainly helping me!

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    Hi Joel. I just wanted to wish you all the best with your blog. I don't do Facebook but it seems like a useful resource that other younger people, especially, will find useful.

    I was diagnosed at 15 (but probably started at 11). Things were very different back (1961) then with no modern DMARDS so I have RA writ large all over my body :lol: However, in all other respects life has been good so I wish you the same.

    A new baby? Oh Joel, you'll get all the exercise you need - and some that you don't :wink: I had two who now have sons of their own.

    Just a thought. Another way of helping would be to keep an eye on our 'Young People's' forum. It attracts few visitors so, when they come, they end up with old fogeys like me rather than kindred spirits like you. You would be enormously helpful to them if you just jumped n for newbies.
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    Thank you for the comments.

    Good point on the young people's forum. I'll see if I can offer anything or contribute over there.

    Much appreciated, Joel.
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