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So I've been on this journey now for over 18months.

A bit of me, I'm 39 and prior to Osteoarthritis kicking off in my hip, I was a regular gym goer (4-5 times a week), walked 2.5 miles a day with the dog and generally lived a healthy lifestyle.

The Arthritis came on slowly at first, in as such that I thought it was a back problem, affecting my flexibility on that side.

I tried Physio which seemed to help, but ultimately the problem just kept getting worse. I knocked the gym on the head for months, believing that a rest would fix it.

Alas it did not. Here I am 18 months in, just had my pre-op assessment so hopefully I will be having my op soon.

It's been a dark experience, it's hugely affected my life and I can't wait to be back mobile.

I wanted to reach out and see if there is anyone else like me around.

All the best



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    Hello and welcome Wigangooner to Versus Arthritis Community Forum

    Sorry to read of your difficulties with Osteoarthritis Graeme, sadly, it is one of the two main arthritis conditions, Rheumatoid being the other. Without being patronising, your story of the condition in relation age, fitness and managing the arthritis has been very similar to myself, today, I'm am much older, but, eventually, I managed to pick up on some of the things I had to drop. You will find we have many forum users who have/are experiencing similar problems who will be able to offer some help, advice and support to you.

    I've found this link that may be of help to you:-

    Please feel free to give our great Helpline Team a call for more support 0800 5200 520

    Please take part in the forum and enjoy.

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    Oh dear, I am sorry. I began my first arthritis when I was 37, osteo was diagnosed when I was 52 and now I am 60 so nearly meeting the popular age criteria for the dross. :lol:

    Many on here have hips done and then disappear to live life as it can be lived within the restrictions of a fake joint and I hope you will be one of their number rather than one of mine (I have OA in multiple joints). Fun it is not but it is what it is. Good luck and please let us know how you get on. DD
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    Hi Graeme and welcome from me too.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of 'people like you' about. My husband is in a similar situation - had the pre-op, waiting for new hip though he knows his other will need doing sooner rather than later. He's never been a gym bunny but into lots of sports all his life and I think it's that level of fitness that has kept his muscles strong and supportive so that, by the time he saw the doc, he was bone on bone.

    I've had hips replaced very successfully but, like DD, I started early with an autoimmune arthritis so the situations are somewhat different. If only one joint is affected you could, effectively, be cured by the op and I do hope that is the case.
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    Hi Graeme

    Welcome to the forums from me too. I hope you find the site as helpful as I have over the years.

    I bet people think you are far too young to have arthritis don't they?!! Well us lot totally get it. :roll:

    I very much hope your surgery puts you right and you get back to normal.

    Do let us know how things go if you have time