GP visit wasn’t helpful

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Hi All

Visited my GP this morning to speak to them about my ongoing knee issues.GP wasn’t prepared I felt and was reading my scan results the whole time I was talking to them.
I’ve asked them about referring me back to orthopaedics to see if they will consider myself for TKR, GP asked what I was expecting by the Referral .
I told them
The fact I’ve had 6 months off work ,in past 18 months and have not been able to return for 12 weeks ,because of pain and being restricted with my mobility .
I don’t have an office job and work in hospital ,lots of walking etc which I’m struggling with ATM.
And I’ve had no support from my employer and being took to sickness meeting with HR next week .
I’ve also got medial meniscus tear in my knee which is causing a lot problems .
I feel deflated ,been waiting 4 weeks to see my GP don’t feel they’re helpful at all told them also about my quality of life and how much of impact this Arthiritis is affecting everything .
I know they can’t wave magic wand but bit support wouldn’t go amiss .
Anyone else had similar experience?


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    Hi. I hope you get referred to orthopaedics very soon. Sorry to read that you are having a tough time.
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    I'm sorry this was so disappointing, Jules. I do think your GP has a point, though ie what were you hoping for from the appointment? I remember you said earlier that you had Stage 3 OA in the knee which means the cartilege is wearing but still present. I don't think TKRs are ever given in such circumstances - not on NHS anyway. We have people on here who are bone on bone and still being refused. It's horrible that we have to live with these things but such is arthritic life.

    I've just replied to your thread on the 'Working Matters' forum and am now thinking that it would be difficult for you NOT to tell your prospective employers of your problems when they have caused so much time off work. Might they not ask your current employer for a reference?

    As for your 'sickness meeting with HR', are you a member of a Union? They might be of use.
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    In my experience of OA GP visits are rarely helpful. I was refused new knees despite being bone-on-bone through both as I was too young (52, now I am 60). As you still have cartilage a new joint may not be an option for a while yet, not on the NHS anyway. I have used walking aids since 2002 which have undoubtedly helped me maintain my mobility, as has doing my physio exercises on a daily basis and being bloody-minded about not letting the arthritis get the better of me. I have always been more than the disease and always will be. I started the first aged 37 and managed to work for seventeen years so I do understand how tough it can be every now and again.

    Arthritis has affected how I live my life but did not, has not and will not stop me getting on with it in terms of work, the social side and all the rest. I have to do things differently is all but life has always been that way - if yours hasn't then this is a lot to get your head round, especially the fact that the help you want is more than likely not going to be available to you as yet. DD
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    Hi Jules so sorry you are having such a tough time and that you feel you have no support. I was injured 20 yrs ago and have 3 damaged discs in my neck spinal degeneration crohns fibromyalgia OA and RA.
    I was sent to pain clinic after neurosurgeon couldn't do anything and I was in so much pain I was desperate to keep mobile and the physio told me to ask to be referred to a spinal rehab program by the GP he refused as in his words I was uneconomically viable at the age of 40 I was unable to work so my mobility didn't come into the equation.
    I know how you feel I was so upset but found being proactive myself helped. I found a physio who over the last 20 years has helped me keep walking and supple advised on exercises which are done daily and we deal with problems as they arrive. I have recently had an arthroscopy on my knee to remove debris from the arthritis damage but it wasn't the GP but a hospital physio who they had sent me to see for an assessment who did.
    If you are in a union you can ask someone to go with you to this meeting with HR I hope it all goes well for you.