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Hello, I have just been told I need a hip replacement, the pain Is unbearable some days and I am totally miserable other days I find it more frustrating and am determined to carry on best I can but am I doing more harm than good? Vino reaches the parts painkillers can’t reach.


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    Hi Rialtan52 and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Is osteoarthritis the cause of your need for the hip replacement? Have you spoken with your doctor about your current pain levels? It's important not to push yourself too hard if your pain levels are severe.

    This link gives general information on hip pain, treatment and managing the pain:

    I'm also including a link to the Versus Arthritis information on hip replacement surgery in case this is of use for the future:

    I'm sure other forum members with similar experiences will be able to give their thoughts on how they have coped.

    Good luck & best wishes,

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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am sorry you had to find us. I have two kinds of arthritis in multiple joints and was refused knee joint replacements eight years ago due to extreme youth (I was 52) but I am fully-aquainted with pain as are the majority on here.

    Pain relief merely dulls the sharper edges and, once one is on the really strong stuff, it dulls us to take us away from the pain rather than vice versa. I prefer to be fully conscious plus compos-mentis and achieve this by taking a small but steady dose of dullers every six hours or so and distracting my mind by doing all kinds of joint-gentle stuff. I am in my 23rd year of it, have psoriatic and osteoarthritis and can no longer remember having the majority of joints pain-free, like it was in the early days. It's not easy, is it? We get it because we've got it. DD
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    Good evening Rialtan

    I am sorry to hear about your hip and the pain you're in.

    Have they given you any indication of timescale for the hip replacement you need?

    Toni xxx