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Hi all, I am new to these forum's,unfortunately not new to arthritis. I have osteoarthritis,Spondylosis in my cervical and lumbar spine.I've had this since I was in my twenties,and had to wait over 10 years for a proper diagnosis, the usual quote i got was"you are too young for arthritis" one doctor told me at age 35 "my god woman you have the spine of an 80 year old" I am now in my fifties and am finding life very hard, mainly due to pain as i can't take pain killers due to previous serious addiction in my 20's.I am fortunate to get acupuncture from my GP now, only for my neck and shoulder,which helps there.(I am struggling to type this as my fingers hurt).on the positive side i keep telling myself it wont kill me, the negative side is i feel no one understands people are kind, but nobody really understands the pain and discomfort 24/7