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Hello everybody I have just joined and am looking for anybody on biologics that can tell how long your on it and how it is helping I got my first injection today.


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    Hi Bridie58 and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forums, it's lovely to see you here.

    Hopefully you have had a chance to look around the different conversations on the forums and have got a feel of what can be found.

    I'm assuming you have been on a previous course of treatment involving disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) and are now moving to one of the forms of biologic drug treatments.

    It will help members answer with more relevant information if you say what form of arthritis you have and what has been done to help you.

    Here is a link to our summary page on DMARDS:

    I look forward to reading your further posts.

    Best wishes
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    Hello, I have been taking a biologic of one kind or another since 2007 and, if my current one keeps doing what it's doing, expect to be on it until either it gives up or I do.

    It helps in terms of reducing disease activity and that has to be enough: I started the meds far too late for any real difference to be felt, the damage was long done but things are different now, people are now diagnosed faster, given access to these meds far earlier and that can make a very big difference. I hope that proves to be the case for you. DD
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    Hi Bridie and welcome from me too.

    You clearly have some form of autoimmune arthritis but, to judge from your post, don't seem to know much about it. May I suggest you click on the 'Do I Have Arthritis?' tab (Grey menu above) then find what every type yours is to read up on it.

    All forms of autoimmune arthritis are caused by faulty immune systems. Our immune systems are overactive and need dampening down to slow down our disease.

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