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Hi I’m 44 I have OA in various joints, fibromyalgia and an under active thyroid as a result of autoimmune hashimotos disease. Try to stay fairly active, eat well and positive but do find it difficult and lonely.


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    Hi Sparrow
    welcome to the online community it is lovely to have you here, sorry to hear you have osteoarthritis and other autoimmune conditions. It does make life more difficult and it can be difficult to share with people who don't really understand what you are going through. I am sure you will find our members very welcoming as they will understand some of what you are going through and be able to support you. Please ask as many questions as you like that is what we are here for
    Best Wishes
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    Hi there and welcome aboard :D No need to feel lonely here. We're all in the same creaky old boat whatever our branch of arthritis and we understand pain all too well. I have RA and OA.

    Please join in anywhere on any forum.
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    Hello, I have psoriatic & osteoarthritis plus fibro. I was born with auto-immune junk so it was no surprise but the OA was a shock because I didn't know one could have both. What an idiot. :roll: I began aged 37 and am now 60. DD
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    Hi sparrow I have the same as you oa, fibro and underactive thyroid (hashimoto) also b12 and folate deficiency. Constant battle with pain and fatigue and my oa is supposed to mild but doesn't feel that way.