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Hi, I'm new and trying to find my way round this and having problems as don't find it easy to navigate round and it's so VERY small. Am I doing something wrong. Please advise


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    Hi Suegti and welcome to the forums, good to see you here.

    Yes, the layout can appear very small on a small screen making it difficult to read. Using a larger screen does help.

    The reason for this is it's an old design with a fixed size that doesn't change according to size of screen. We are moving to a whole new forum in the next few months which is accessible no matter which device you use to join in. Something we are all looking forward to very much :D

    Best wishes
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    Oh that sounds better, I know I'm falling to bits but thought it was me. Hope new site bit easier to use also. Many thanks xx
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    Sue I made my the page size bigger if that helps in the short term??

    Toni x
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    I have a chromebook thingy I loathe and always have to expand the page so a) I can read it and b) I can see more easily when typing my reply. I have learned that when I use the built-in emojis on my machine they are inflated by around 1000% by the antiquated VA system so I don't use them as even smily faces look aggressive when they are massive!

    Take your time to find your feet, we are always here and keeping an eye out for newer people. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben