Surviving Christmas

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10 tips to help you cope with Christmas 


Although Christmas is a time for celebration we can sometimes try to do too much and feel under a lot of pressure. It can be particularly challenging if you have arthritis.

The change in social calendars, diet and weather can make your condition less predictable and force you to cancel plans or avoid social occasions all together.

Read our 10 tips to help you cope with the season and enjoy your Christmas.

What suggestions do you have to help us cope with the holiday season?



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    I shall be sitting in my recliner watching the TV all day as usual, after giving the cat a tin of salmon as a treat, then deciding which ready meal to put in the microwave at 6pm. Normal day!
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    It is a wonderful time of the year yet it can be stressful so a handy strategy is delegation - asking for and accepting help saves our limited, precious energies.

    Mr DD does things differently but despite that they get done without my being exhausted. I find it easier not to be around him when he's doing stuff in the wrong way (as I see it :wink: ) because that stops me interfering or getting het up and allows me to do the stuff I enjoy. Next year he will be writing the Christmas cards . . . He doesn't know it yet. :lol: DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben