Appt at Orthopaedics went well

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Hi All

Been to orthopaedics today at my local hospital to see consultant .
They took xrays of both knees and my right knee is bone on bone so they’ve suggested partial knee replacement to be done .
Has anyone on here had one ? And know what to expect ?
I have to go back in few weeks ,as surgeon, I saw today only does total KR and he’s referring me to one of his other colleagues .
He said my left knee is tricompartmental Arthiritis but not bone on bone at present ,because I’ve been having treatment from inhealth Re- my meniscus’s tear ie physio he said they will probably have to do another MRI to look at the cartilage to see how big the tear is so they’ve given me another steroid injection today to help with pain .
They said I will be put on waiting list if this other surgeon agrees with everything .
At least I feel that things are moving albeit slowly .
They said my right knee is main concern at present .