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Hi there,

Looking for some advice re a knee replacement.
I'm 27 and had arthritis since I was 15, I saw an orthopedic surgeon 2 weeks ago who has said after looking at my MRI I need a knee replacement but due to my age to hold off as long as I can even though I need one. I have had to limit duties at my work and get a blue badge due to my knee. I get 4 weekly Infusions which are fantastic for all my other joints but not my knee and got a steroid injection last week which hasn't made the slightest bit of difference. Where do I stand on getting my knee done? I get married in 2021 and would like to walk down the aisle pain free and I'm worried my knee will just get worse and worse until then (I'm already using a crutch daily to walk) I feel for a better quality of life it would benefit me hugely to get one the now bit the surgeon keeps saying I'm so young and to drag it out as long as I can 😭😭


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    Hi Jade, welcome to the forum.

    I am sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time at the moment. Arthritis in the knee is incredibly painful and deciding when to have surgery is a big decision.

    I recommend speaking with your surgeon to get a better understanding of the likely outcomes of undergoing surgery at your age. Understanding how long the replacement is expected to last and what the follow up surgeries down the line involve will allow you to weigh this up against the current impact to your quality of life and help you make an informed decision.

    I am sure our members will be happy to share their own experiences with you. As a starting point, I have provided two links below from the Versus Arthritis website. The first has information on knee replacement surgery. The second is a general fact sheet on OA of the knee which includes a section on exercises and pain management which you may find useful.

    Do check in and let us know how you are getting on and feel free to join in any of the forums where you feel comfortable.

    Best of luck with the wedding planning.

    Take care,
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    What a nasty situation, I am sorry. The trouble with having knees replaced at a younger age is that, sooner or later, they will need probably need a revision which means more original leg bone is removed on either side.

    My cousin's wife had her first knee aged 18 thanks to bone cancer. She is now in her early 50s, has had either two or three revisions and now needs another but it cannot be done because what she hasn't done in the past thirty years is treat any of her new joints with respect. With care joints can last up to twenty years, even longer, but people are obviously keen to get back to living life as they want to and forget that things can go wrong again.

    From the surgeon's point of view your comparative youth is an issue but fom yours quality of life is paramount. My non-expert thinking is that if you have it done soon, and take care of it, you will reduce the prospect of the junk spreading to the other knee or leg joints, thus reducing your future costs to the NHS: no harm in tryng that approach. DD
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    I got RA at 15 too and had my first knee replacements at 35 but I'd never had any DMARDS as such (just gold injections) so it had progressed quickly.

    I've never regretted having them done and I looked after them with exercises and nothing stupid. Since then both my hips have been replaced and one TKR also replaced. But I'm now, virtually, beyond repair ie although my ancient TKR has slid way out of position and the cement from the THR above it has crumbled, it is too dangerous to operate except in an emergency.

    I understand your wish to not limp at your wedding but I think your surgeon is right that you should hold out as long as possible. I just wore flat white silky shoes and a long dress and hung onto my Dad going in and my husband coming out. i must have got something right as we're still together with kids and grandkids :lol:
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    Poor you Jade you must feel so frustrated. You are between a rock and hard place aren't you?

    I know where 'they' are coming from and I'm sure you do too. Being so young there is every chance your knees will need further surgery a few times in your life if you start now.

    Having said that they WILL do surgery if the benefits outweigh the risks. My own daughter had hip surgery at 18 and a new shoulder at 19 following cancer treatment.

    I always advise people to go to the Dr with someone it helps you feel stronger and less likely to be fobbed off.

    Take care

    Toni xx
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    I had my r knee done at 48 had to batle a bit to get it done had both done due to oa they use the genisis 11 replacement took an hour to do at rnoh. The way my surgeon does the opp minimal amout of bone removed also on previous replys they dont say if they looked after the joint diet ect.. t78020
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    So sorry everyone I forgot I posted this, Brian fog!! The surgeon saw me again In February and agreed to the knee replacement as it was the only option he felt.