Problems 4 months after total hip replacement

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four months on from my right side total hip replacement I am starting to get pain in my buttock , am wondering if its connected., am i maybe compensating for the left side hip which is due for replacement, my stiff back or the fact that its quite cold weather wise


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    As you realise, it could be any of these things or a problem with the replacement. I think you really need medical advice on this but, while you're waiting, do continue with you post op exercises and the pre-op ones with the hip that's waiting for the op. Go gently to make sure .
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    Hi. What you are getting is not unusual and 4 months is no time for healing ie tissues,muscles. Some take 12 months and longer some much shorter time. Early days for you. There are no rules. We all differ and it’s a misconception to think okay I had a new hip all should be good by now. My first replacement was 4 years ago which left me with trochanter bursitis . Bad luck on my part.From my experience I had buttock pain following surgery but as I say we all differ. Also like me you are waiting for the other hip to be replaced so we do have to compensate for that. The hip to be replaced affects my knee and lower back rather than the hip. Hip surgery is a major operation but if you are worried contact your GP
    As mentioned keep up the exercises . Good luck