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Hello, I am saying hello to the forum. I am a 58 year old and have osteoarthritis in spine knees neck and hips(2 hip replacements. I'm still working as a nurse trained in CBT in the nah but only work 4.5 hours a week now. Its good to meet you all.


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    Hello and welcome Osprey to Versus Arthritis Community Forum

    A big welcome to you, boy, have you gone through the mill with your osteoarthritis, all the joints that have been affected, my hat goes off to you still working. Coping with arthritis is very difficult, I'm sure you working in a hospital you have a good understanding.

    Please call in again and take part in the forum, as well as forum users supporting you, I'm sure they would value your kind support and advice.

    Because of your own experiences you may well be very conversant with osteoarthritis, but I have found this link off our site Versus Arthritis that may be useful to you.

    Enjoy the forum.

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    Thankyou for your welcome John. It's great to be here.

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    Hi Osprey and good to 'meet' you too :D As a veteran of replaced joints I can tell you how good it always is to have a nurse who 'gets it' whenever I'm in hospital. Not so good for you, of course, but well done for ploughing on in the workforce. I hope we can all be of mutual help.
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    Hello, I have psoriatic and osteoarthritis: unsurprisingly the best nurse in rheumatology was the one who had RA because she truly understood the challenges.

    I managed to work for seventeen years but was fortunate in that I was self-employed so could tailor things accordingly as I deteriorated. I hope you find the forum to be of interest, we all get it because we've all got it. It has been very quiet on here over the festive period but might creak back into life come the beginning of next week. DD
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    Hi Osprey and welcome to the forum from me too :)

    You can do some CBT on me! only joking.

    Even if it's only a few hours a week working is so good for us isn't it? :)

    Toni xx