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Hi everyone I'm new here. My name is Claire. I was diagnosed fairly recently with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis - it really impacts a lot on my life but mostly the right side of my body. I've had it for a long time but they chalked it all up to my mind until I went private.
I can't even type for any length of time, if it wasn't for Dragon software I'd be lost!
I used to be a support worker but with the pain and muscular weakness I have it's just not feasible.
I asked on the Facebook but they gave me SCOPE which according to their website is England and Wales.
Does anyone know of organisations in Scotland that can help me get back into some kind of work? To know what to say and how to present myself?

Thanks in advance


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    Hi Claire,

    Welcome to the forum! Please know you have come to the right place for advice and support.

    I have provided a link below from the Versus Arthritis website which contains information on various workshops and support groups located in Scotland.


    Hopefully there will be information on there that you find useful.

    There is also our helpline team available on 0800 5200 520 (Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm) who can help provide you with more information on the services available in Scotland.

    Please also join in any of the forums here where you feel comfortable.

    Best Wishes,
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    Hello Alice,

    Thank you so much for replying!
    I'll definitely check that out.

    Best wishes,

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    Hello, I am sorry to read of your diagnosis, I too have a sero-negative kind, psoriatic, plus osteoarthritis. My creaky cup runneth over. :roll:

    As things turned out I was fortunate in that I started my own little business around a year before the PsA began (I was 37) so it was a bonus to be my own boss. As I deteriorated I was able to tailor things to suit my needs so I crumbled on for seventeen years. Could self-employment be an option for your skill set? It's not the whole answer but it is a more 'comfortable' option for those of us with compromised, painful bodies. DD
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    Hi Claire,

    We have the Versus Arthritis Working Well service in Scotland, this service provides information, guidance and signposting to help people remain or return to work.

    Contact [email protected] to arrange a time to chat.


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    Hi Claire, like DD I ended my working life as self-employed and was able to adjust my work according to how my OA was affecting me. Perhaps if you cannot do your current role as a self-employed person you could develop a hobby into a business. I would certainly use the Working Well service to help you out.