Hemp Oil

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Hi folks I have been using Hemp cream on Ankle, Knee, Hands, Hip and Sholder and got a lot of relief its not a cure but it does help to relieve the sharp pain, so I would like to ask anyone if they have used the oil that you drink and if so does it work? I suffer also with Angina so would it be safe to take, be grateful for any info. Thanks


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    Hi Celtic

    I know very little about it except a bit about it's use in treating the symptoms of cancer, but this thread might be of interest to you:


    Hopefully someone else will be along who knows more soon.

    Toni x
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    I have tried the drops under the tongue and also vaping it to no avail, I found no benefit whatsoever just a quite hefty cost.
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    It's not a prescription medicine so not subject to the safety rules that meds are tested for. Or, indeed, the quality controls.
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