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Hey guys. So 6 weeks ago I got a right big toe fusion because I have been getting pain at the bottom pad of my toe for like 2/3 years and recently before the surgery my left big toe has now started but not to the extent of my right.

Apparently I was already tested for arthritis and I dont have that but I do have osteoporosis and I used to have low levels of calcium which are now normal.

I'm just curious as to know what this could be? Is it just bad luck with joints overtime. age, diet, not drinking a lot of water (started to now)? Or that I used to do a lot of exercise before this started?

Thanks guys


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    Hi Colin and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forums.

    Sorry to hear that you are now having problems with your big toe having had the other operated on.

    I must emphasise that none of us here are qualified to give a sound medical diagnosis and that you should rely on your health professionals for that and proper treatment.

    Given what you describe, you may like to take a look at our information on Gout:

    If you need to speak to someone in confidence, do contact our free Helplines on 0800 5200 520 (Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm)

    Best wishes
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    Hi Colin. We've no medical training on here so we can't diagnose. This might help Otherwise I think you need to ask your doc or physio. Please don't think you'll be wasting their time. You won't. Knowledge is power.
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