Pelvic pain when going from sitting to standing up

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Hi my name is Eliane.
I have grade 4 arthritis (left hip).
Since the start of last week, I have had pain just above my left hip (pelvic area).
I have this pain when going from sitting down to standing up and starting to walk
Then after walking for a bit the pain just goes and I am fine again.
I will walk a few steps after sitting down and I will feel a strong pain in my left pelvic area.
I have never had this before, am I getting this pain because of the arthritis in my hip or is it not related?
Has anybody experienced the same thing?
How do I get rid of the pain?

Thanks for your help☺


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    Hi Elaine,
    I'm sorry to hear of the pain you are getting in your left hip when you first start walking after sitting down.
    People with osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip can have a wide range of symptoms. When the hip is badly affected, standing up, walking or bending down can suddenly become much more difficult. Your hip might also ‘lock’ for a few moments.
    If you have advanced hip osteoarthritis, the muscles around the hip can become smaller and weaker due to not using them. This then puts even more strain on the joint.
    The best thing you can do at home for hip osteoarthritis is exercise, as it will strengthen the muscles that support your hip joint. A physiotherapist can advise you about which exercises are right for you.
    You can find out more about managing OA of the hip and treatments, including pain management here:
    Best wishes
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