Hi , psa advice needed please

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Hi all I hope someone can help me please , I will try keep a long story short (ish) but iv been suffering with joint pain due to psa for about 6 years , I was working full time and nobody looked into the cause of my pain , every time I managed to get time off work to see a gp they just give me painkillers and that was that , each one put it down to wear and tear even though I’m only 30 lol. I recently had to quit my job as it was getting too hard for me to deal with the pain and exhaustion .I recently see a rheumatologist and he says there is 99.9% chance I have psoriatic arthritis and that would explain how iv been feeling for last couple few years . Im just wondering if some people can share their symptoms with me ? Because My fingers and certain joints swell up and hurt after using them , also my hips after walking and using them are really painful and I struggle to walk , but then some things can hurt after inactivity or randomly ? Is this normal ? As I’m struggling to find the right balance , I understand exercise is good but after walking my hips are really painful , i thought psa pain was worse with inactivity ?