Hi everyone

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Hi everyone
I recently got to the bottom of all my pain and it’s arthritis:(
Had my first child 1.5 years ago and never had any symptoms until I got pregnant . My consultant has said that the pregnancy hormones woke up the arthritis. My pain is mainly in my back , hand and jaw at the moment but have chronic fatigue also . Just feeling lonely and overwhelmed at the moment. I’m on medication for the last 3 months not seeing much difference at the moment but I know it takes time


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    Hi Skybird

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community on behalf of the Moderating Team. I am very sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with Arthritis following on from your pregnancy. Sadly there have been other women on here whose Arthritis started post pregnancy. Medications unfortunately don’t work immediately as you know and it can take a while to get the right medication combination/level for you.

    Feeling lonely and overwhelmed are very common feelings and totally understandable in your position. Coming here and talking to the members of this community is a really good place to start feeling less alone with it all.

    If you feel it would help to speak to a ‘voice’ please do contact our helpline available 9am until 8pm Monday to Friday.


    Do read some of the other recent posts – there are one or two parents struggling with young ones at the moment you can probably support each other. Not forgetting a lot of us us ‘old hands’ whose children may be older now will have useful tips too.

    Ask away and people will do their best to help.

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    Oh Skybird I am sorry :(

    It's so unfair you should be at your happiest and instead you are suffering! ((())) Having said that you are definitely not alone we have had Mums on here many times whose arthritis began after having a baby :(

    Medication can take a while to work. May I ask what you are taking then we can tell you how it worked for us if we've been on it? What painkillers are you on too. Sadly the exhaustion is pat of the arthritis and needs those meds to work for you.

    Having a young child makes it much harder I hope you have a good partner to help.

    Please do go and join in on one of the other forums maybe Living with Arthritis and ask away. We'll do our best to help


    Toni xx
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    What medication are you on, skybird? DMARDS, for autoimmune types of arthritis, can indeed take 3 months to really work. But, although it's quite common for an autoimmune type to set in after a pregnancy, I don't think it usually comes during one. In fact, mine actually cleared up during my first pregnancy. But the aftermath :shock: :lol:

    So maybe yours is osteo and usually the meds help more quickly.

    How are things today?
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