Weaning off progablin

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Good afternoon
I have oestoatheritis and bulging discs. I'm on naprozen and progablin by day n amitriptyline at night.
Pain management have suggested to up my progablin slowly been feeling so awful more pain weepy n depressed no energy and dreaded constipation. Dr has agreed for me to wean off slowly 25 g a week I can honestly say I feel bit better already. My body is not good with drugs even low doses.
But I have just started back to work phased return I feel great good destration from pain.
Still Shattered and painful but slowly slowly going forward.
I wanted to share my story and to ask if any has had gabapentin? Everyone is different I know but I am a bit scared to try another drug .thank you tracie xx


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    Hi Tracie I am so glad you feel a little better my own body doesn't like drugs either I too have been tried on pregabalin, gabapentin and other antidepressants at times but I had some terrible side effects with feelings of dread, low mood, and other feelings too terrible to mention. My GP was at first reluctant to stop the meds but had to as the side effects were too bad to deal with. To be honest they made life more difficult to deal with.
    Everyone is different but I find distraction good and any new drug a potential mine field the problem being it can take 6 weeks for the dose to be effective and you have that long or longer for any side effects to wear off. I am glad you are getting back to work and enjoying things it's a step in the right direction.
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    Well done on getting back to work, Tracie, and I hope you feel better for it.

    I think quite a few people here take, or have taken, gabapentin. As you wisely say, we're all different so their experiences might not be yours. I put 'gabapentin' into our search engine and these former threads came up.
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