A good outcome at last

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Hi All

Been to see another Orthopaedics surgeon today a,nd they’ve agreed to do a partial knee replacement.
In past ,I’ve been told I’m too young but been given choice today between partial and TKR because my right knee is now bone on bone .
The surgeon had look at my knee and stated that it is possible that my knee could be damaged more once they open it up ,and have asked if I wanted to have a total knee done if other parts of my knee are damaged.
I’ve completed pre op forms today and have to go bk within 6 wks to sign consent forms .
I will then have to go on A waiting list for the procedure .
I’m still having problems with my left knee ,but they’re concentrating on the right knee at moment due to bone on bone .i have oesteoarthiritis in both knees but left is not bone on bone yet .
At least feeling bit more positive and feel like things are heading in right direction .
Anyone on here had partial knee done ?


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    That's good news :D

    I haven't had a partial but had three very successful TKRs, the third one only arising when the first was 27 years old.

    I think you're wise to leave it up to the surgeon once he's in there. No point in 'spoiling the ship for a ha'porth o' tar'.

    I wouldn't bank too heavily on the timescale. There is a shortage of orthopaedic surgeons. My husband has just had his second pre-op. Having originally been told the THR would be before Christmas, it would now be April if he waited for our local hospital. So they're sending him a one and a half hours drive away, have paid for his pre-op visit there yesterday and will pay for him to go back on Tuesday to have the op - and return too two or three days later. Crazy money but no surgeons.
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