Hi all! And wrist advice welcomed

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I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about possible arthritis in the wrists. It's for my Husband. His mum has arthritis, so I guess it runs on his side too. He uses a couple of wrist support straps (copper infused I think), especially at work, as he uses his hands alot. He needs something else, something better. He's not on any medication. It does bring him down alot, as he's only 35 years old.
Just any advice would be appreciated. 😊


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    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum. On the forum you will find the members are friendly, often have a lot of information they can share with you.

    At the top of the page you will see buttons, whichwhen pressed, will lead you to the various subjects Versus Arthritis cover. They also have a freephone helpline which you can ring if you feel a one 2 one conversation would help. The number is 0800 520 0520.
    The only thing to remember is no one on this site is medically trained so if it is a medical question you are looking for help with you should ask on of your medical team.

    I look forward to reading your future posts and to see how your husband is doing.
    Best wishes
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    Hello, I have osteoarthritis in my wrists plus one shoulder and another kind in my fingers and elbows. Do you know what kind of arthritis your husband has? My best guess is osteo as it is the most common - millions of people in the UK have it - and it is different in nature to the auto-immune kinds which do have a definite genetic link.

    He should see his GP as they are the ones who deal with OA by prescribing sanctioned pain relief, maybe an anti-inflammatory medication and possible a referral to physio: any exercises they recommend should be done regularly and for ever. In my experience (I am in my 23rd year and started aged 37) nothing deals adequately with pain and copper etc. are placebos rather than genuine treatments. DD
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    I understand why you'd like to help but......

    ....we are only patients. We can't diagnose let alone suggest potential aids for what might not be arthritis.

    I really think your husband needs to see a GP and find out just what's going on. It could simply be muscular, in which case exercises would help. Even if if it arthritis exercises will probably help too though not necessarily the same ones.

    Wrist splints / supports have their uses but are not, of themselves a long-term solution. In fact overuse can render muscles slack and make a bad situation worse.

    Do get him to ask your GP for advice.
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