Aches and pains from a cold- why do I hurt so much?

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Hi all,

I’m new here, but thought I’d join to see if anyone experiences similar.

Over the past couple of years colds seems to knock me down harder than they did before. I used to just battle through them. I’d go into work with a handbag that resembled a pharmacy and a bottle or 2 of lucozade.

Now the aches and pains I experience are hideous. I have to take at least 2-3 days off work and can barely get out of bed. My hips (where my OA is) we’re so painful yesterday I felt physically sick.

I was diagnosed with OA around 2.5 years ago. It was never really fully explained, and I’m slowly piecing symptoms and how it affects my mental health together.
I’m wondering do I just get really bad colds? Or is there a link to the OA and pain I’m experiencing?

Thanks in advance



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    Hi and welcome,souds like cold really affect yyou,there are people here who suffer similar and you will get responses,in the meantime check out
    it may help.
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    Hi and welcome from me too.

    I have RA and OA. I've always found that anything that raises my temperature can set the RA off but the OA doesn't react.

    It seems unlikely that yours could be RA (or any other autoimmune type) though as I've never heard of it starting in hips. Do you do anything differently when you have a cold which might explain your hips playing up? Sitting for long periods isn't good, for example. Maybe, if you're in pain, you don't eat as well.

    Perhaps you could see if your GP has any suggestions. Other than that I can only think of the precautions that we auto-immuners have to take to try to avoid infection - frequent hand washing, anti-bac wipes after using eg supermarket trolleys, alcohol gel in hospitals and surgeries and basically just trying to put a distance between ourselves and anyone with a cold or virus. Oh and flu jabs.
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    My widespread OA is appalling at the moment without my having a cold. It's due to winter weather. DD
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