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Hi I am 60 and have psoratic arthritis plus hypermobilty syndrome and fibromyalgia. I live alone and i am housebound and have a great family but they all have busy lives so mostly I am alone. I read, write when I can, crochet blankets usually but hands get too painful. I play games online to keep my brain challenged. I have taken up drawing and colouring with my shaky hands. I love it. So relaxing and absorbing takes my mind off my pain and lonliness,0. I have a treadmill which I do five minutes a day when I can. My mobility this last year 2019 went down the pan. Due to swelling joints subluxation, injury. I cope with summer better than winter when I feel trapped because I can't go outside and sit in the sun. Sunshine helps so much. My sister brought me a heated blanket for my bed but I use it ion my recliner as it is wonderful as relaxing the tightness and rigid joints. I miss as relaxing bath as my box of a bungalow only has a walk in shower and seat. I have had a course of hydrotherapy which was brilliant but too far away to make it regular. Anyway hello to everyone!,


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    Hi Stephanie and welcome to the forum, it's good to have you with us.

    It's brilliant that you have found so many interesting and creative ways to keep yourself occupied. This forum is also a great place to come to keep yourself entertained and busy - there is lots to explore. Have a look at the ChitChat forum (right at the bottom of the list of different forums on here) and you'll find word games and all sorts of general non-arthritis chatter going on. It's also a really good place for advice on coping with symptoms, as you can be sure that others will be experiencing similar things to you.
    I'm attaching this link to information about psoriatic arthritis, which has sections on treatments and living with the condition, just in case there is anything new to you:

    With best wishes, hope you enjoy reading and posting on the forum!

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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am sorry you have had to find us. I am the same vintage as you (1959 was an excellent year :wink: ) and also have psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.

    I was born with auto-immune junk so mastered the arts of distraction very young. I too love puzzles of all kinds (especially Wentworth Wooden Jigsaws) and used to knit. I never mastered crochet but enjoy patchwork and recently discovered die cutting, I make bold, colourful cards which no-one buys. :lol: I live with my husband and have been stuck indoors for a while now thanks to a PsA flare and weather-aggravated OA but it will pass.

    I have made changes to life as the arthritis progresses and my best discovery has undoubtedly been my cordless vacuums, they make that part of housework so much easier. I envy you your treadmill, I work with a Personal Trainer and, on my better days, manage to get to the gym. I enjoy it once I am there! DD
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    Hello Stephanie and welcome from me too :D You certainly seem determined to make the most of a difficult situation. Well done you :D

    I have RA and OA and have had for all too many years. I'm lucky in having a good husband and one of our sons living near. (And the other in California to visit every year :D )

    I'm sorry to hear you're housebound. I know taxis can be exhorbitantly expensive but how about a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair? Are there no local activities with which you could join in and get a lift? I know I'm very lucky in that respect.

    Anyway, you now have us as 'neighbours' and I hope you'll enjoy being here :D
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