Swollen legs after hip replacement

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I had my second total hip replacement last week, my first was four months ago. The experience has been different in many ways, some things better, some worse. The last couple of days my legs have swollen from my knees, now including my ankles and feet. My blood pressure is also low, which at times makes me feel ill. Is the swelling normal? Should I be concerned? I have had my legs elevated today as much as I can and if anything it’s become worse.

If it makes any difference, I am 46.

Many thanks for any advice.


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    Hello motherofdragons
    .if you are worried I would say have it checked out,I had swelling with my first thr for a couple of week..but it's always better to be safe..x
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    My experience may be of no help at all since we are all different but my legs always swell when I am at all inactive. It recurs whenever I am off my feet for more than 24 hours and resolves within a couple of days of returned mobility.

    The first time it happened, during a prolonged bout of sciatica, I was quite alarmed and was investigated for all possible serious causes, with nothing found. An experienced nurse told me it is typical of someone whose working life involved spending long periods standing and I fit that description.

    It's always sensible to consult your GP and to have the condition fully investigated as there can be several causes so I do hope that rules out any nasties for you.
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    My operated leg (at least. Can't remember if it's both) always swells at the ankle after a THR though not after a TKR.

    Mr SW came home from his THR op yesterday (a 1 1/2 hr drive) and his operated leg was quite swollen at the ankle. It's better but still swollen today.

    If in doubt contact your surgical team or GP.
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