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It has been a hard decision to make to give up supporting the archery club my OH attends. For the past 9 years I have with OH help done the catering for the open shoots the club have run for visiting archers usually 3 each year for between 80 and 100 plus archers. I have single handed done all the soups, baking, made beef burgers bread and cooked on the day. But it has taken me longer to recover after each event and I am finding the management of the club hard to deal with. We set up a gazebo and cook on gas burners at the side of a field, there is no way of keeping food hot once cooked and being mindful of food hygiene I will only cook as ordered.But one of the management gets annoyed if there is a queue for food, people wait far less at our shoot then others but I have had enough. We have had very little help over the years and not much thanks either from the management or other club members but the visiting archers have been grateful and I feel bad for giving up on them.
I think the fact they have advertised a shoot with catering in the spring ( around the time I may be having surgery) without checking with us has helped to make the decision easier. So the equipment we have bought out of our pocket will be stored and our friend can borrow it when she caters for the farmers mart.I feel as if a weight has been lifted as the atmosphere from one of the management was hard to deal with. I have only carried on so long to support my OH who does a greal deal for me but he is fully supportive as the shoots were taking it out of him too. This one thing I do not regret having to give up.


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    Volunteering is not always the happy partnership that it could be? Sounds like you’ve done your part many times over. Hope the op works out for you.
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    Hi Stellabean,

    Don't feel bad for thinking of yourself for a change.
    From the sounds of it you have put other people first for a long time no matter how much poorly it has been making you each time.

    Its time to concentrate on your upcoming operation and getting that over with and yourself better from that. You have a supportive husband and we are always here if you need to talk aswell.

    Take care
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    Thanks for the replies, I spoke to my physio this morning and she has said it is one of the first sensible decisions I have made and it was about time I thought about myself for a change.
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    Good for you. I'm sure it was a hard decision but sometimes they have to be made.
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    Eras end, always have and always will, and I for one think you have done the right thing in deliberately ending this one. It serves those who have taken you for granted right, ingratitude is never to be tolerated. DD
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