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I’ve just come across ‘compression gloves’, I have looked at them away from the media site they first appeared on and the prices are many times lower. I note that they would last about five minutes in a clean state, not ideal for doing jobs in!

Anyone used them or can comment on them?


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    Hi Airwave

    Welcome to the forum. Personally I haven't used the compression gloves but hopefully someone will be able to tell you some more information regarding them.

    I have attached a link to the versus arthritis website which has all the results for compression gloves. Hopefully you might find something there.

    You can also call the versus arthritis helpline on
    0800 5200 520

    Please feel free to have a look at the other forums.

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    I’ve used them. I’m not sure that medically they do anything but they certainly help me. I think it’s just the sensation of the tightness and the softness of them. I find it quite soothing. Worth getting a cheap pair to see what you think before paying lots I reckon xx

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    I have used a couple of different compression gloves which were next to useless (OA in thumbs and wrists), now I use these which are much better and support well:

    They are expensive BUT after buying them I had an appointment with the OT at the hospital who asked how I got on with them, then she told me that she could issue them free! So ask your OT if they are available.
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    I have some fingerless ones. They achieve little in terms of relieving pain and, because they stretch, the support decreases. They have to be removed for hand washing which, being immuno-suppressed, I do often but they keep my hands warm. I have concluded they are more of a nuisance than a help. DD
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    I have just got some finger less compression gloves from the internet not too expensive they support my hands and are quite soothing. Seems to help with both my hands and the pain.
    Tracie x
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    I was given them by OT for free.
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    I bought a cheap pair so I could keep working on a pc in my spare time. They do make me feel better, maybe it is the compression. Get a cheap pair from amazon and see what you think!

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    I was given a pair by my OT along with a thumb brace. She advised me to wear my gloves overnight which does seem to ease my pain.

    I also use them when on my pc.

    Good luck.

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    Hiya, I have used compression gloves for a few years now and I get on with them quite well, I have lousy grip and these help, I can even wear them under my hand/wrist supports. They are great for helping ease my normally cold hands and make gripping things a lot easier, but each person is different so just try a pair, with the grippy bits on the gloves.

    Hope this helps.