Methotrexate injections

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Good afternoon
Although I have not written on here for a long I do read everyday.

I have just picked up my methotrexate injections that are now prescribed by by GP instead of hospital. I have always had the metojec pen but today I was given methofill injections. Pre filled as the others but an entirely different style . They have large bulbous like an onion type top and the needle part at the bottom is round and the size almost like an old penny round. The metojec pen asks that you pinch skin and inject. This one asks that you remove cover of needle section and place on skin, in my case I use thigh, you then have to push the large bulbous top down until all the yellow plastic section is covered. Injection then complete. It is such a strange clumpy thing and twice the circumference of the metojec pen. I will be using it for the first time tomorrow but wondered if anyone else has used this as I don't want to make a mistake. My RA department does not open until Monday and they pick up messages on Wednesday. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you


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    Hello again, valde :) Sorry I can't help as I don't do needles. I hope someone can.
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    Good morning
    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will keep looking at the forum in case someone knows of these strange looking needles. I am going to speak with GP surgery today but that will take time in getting through !! Thanks again hope you have a good day
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    My Consultant insists that I am only prescribed Metojec pens. Not sure of the reason but I spoke to my Pharmacist and never had a problem.
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    Hi Valde,

    If you have to have these new injection things maybe you could have your first few at the surgery with a nurse to see how you get on with them, though it seems such a shame to change from something that was working well.

    Good luck

    Yvonne x