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On the top right of the page you’ll see an avatar profile picture. Clicking on this will give you the following options

Here you can access any Bookmarks you have made, along with Draft posts a list of your discussions.

Clicking on your profile avatar or Edit Profile takes you to the profile editor for your account.


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    When you click on Edit Profile you will see the following

    Starting at the top you will see:

    • Your username
    • Edit button - this will take you into editing your profile
    • Avatar picture - if you click in here you will get the option to change picture, this can also be done via edit profile
    • About - This gives your personal information
    • Reactions - you will see how many people have reacted to your posts. Click on one of these icons and you will see a list of the relevant posts..
    • Activity - this is an area where you can make posts that visitors to your profile will see - not generally used. You can also write on others Activity Walls although sending them a Personal Message (PM) is preferable.

    Under your profile image will appear a list of links that act as shortcuts to view appropriate content.

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    Edit profile

    Edit your profile by clicking the Edit Button:

    You will see this box on the right side of your screen

    These are fairly self explanatory.

    Notifications are set to only display as a pop up only but you can choose which you want to receive.