How to add a picture/attachment/video

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Add a Picture

You can only add a picture from your computer so you may need to download one and save - jpeg (.jpg) works fine.

When you get to the stage where you want to add your picture click on the below

and select your picture. Then click on open. It will always be in the centre and cannot be moved.

Adding an attachment

This behaves in the same way as the picture.

Again click on the paperclip


navigate to your document and click open. Again it will post on the left of the page and cannot be moved.

Embed media/add a video

When you get to the part of your comment where you want to add your video use the <> symbol below. You will need to paste in the URL of the video

and click insert.

Pasting A URL

If your media is hosted somewhere on the internet, you can just copy and paste the URL into your text and the forum does the magic for you.

E.G. https://www. .jpg

Produces the following image 😀

Note: this is known as "hot-linking" and if the image is moved or the URL changed, then you will lose the image from your post. It's best to save the image to your computer and upload it from there using the Image icon.

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    PeterJ Administrator Posts: 883

    Image Size & Alignment

    The Online Community has been updated and this introduces image size and alignment options to allow you to create richer, better looking content. When you insert an image into your post you can use the image menu to configure the image's:

    • Size
    • Alignment
    • ALT Text

    There are a couple of glitches, but the following sequence works quite well:

    First, when writing a post, click on the image icon to upload a picture from your computer

    The image appears in the post with a highlight box surrounding it and showing the image menu tools available. The highlight box fills the width of the post and the image is centred within this

    Next, the Size Button (the 2nd button from the left)

    This one comes first in arranging the image! Choose medium or small - this makes the highlight box not take up the full width of the page.

    You can now select the Alignment tool and choose to have the highlight box float left, right or be centred on the page.

    The reason for choosing the size of the image first now becomes apparent, as floating a full-size image has no visible effect 😃

    NB floated images currently need text that is below the image to stop it sticking out the bottom of your post, which then gets chopped off by any subsequent posts.

    The ALT text tool is the third tool in the menu and is primarily an aid for those who read the internet using speech recognition software or who view a page with images blocked - the text is displayed as an alternative.

    Do take the time to add Alt text to your images. You can read more about this subject here.

    Highlighting Glitch

    In writing this post I had to return to the images a number of times, clicking on them to try to access the highlight tool that brings up the image menu. This was a real problem and was only solved by clicking in the line after the image and using the cursor arrow-back key to activate the highlight.

    Its hoped that this is only a temporary issue 😶

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