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    Am I in the cake shop..I'm craving something sweet
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    Hello Barbara, am I sweet enough?

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    Yippee Kath you are in...😃now what cake have we got...will leave it to you x
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    Ladies, I'm liking the ideas you are coming up with, I'll be sure to pop back later to see what I can have with my coffee.

    Kath it's lovely to see you, Barbara is an old hand already - she was our first poster you know. If you need help shout, or send me a message 😊 (look towards the top of the page for an envelope) If you have any ideas for the forum, or if you want something that's not here leave a comment in the Feedback and ideas thread, Look to the left under the green Your Community banner

    Yvonne x

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    Thankyou Yvonne will put my thinking cap on..must say when I first saw the forum it was so confusing,but I suppose new things are..not sure how to do cake pics so you will have to wait till Toni gets in...oh can do this...🥞🎂☕not the same is it..🙄
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    No that's not the same at all Barbara,

    If you see a picture online you can right click it, copy and paste it in here, or you can save it to your laptop/pc and then use the button just below here, next door to the smileys, then you find your picture and click open.

    There are some how to's in the green your community banner on the lhs, see if they help you

    Yvonne x

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    Wow, that came out BIG that's a copy/paste from the internet, maybe saving it to make it a bit smaller would be better


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    Ooh now you are talking ..I will put the kettle on...😁
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    Just one more thing Yvonne,why are all the post coming through to my email
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    I hope you see this and I am in ok it all looks so different 😮But I am sure we get used to it. Please let me know if you can see me post now for a nice cake or two . Love to all

  • barbara12
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    Yes can see you Carol..welcome back.😁
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    Hi @barbara12 if you go to your profile top right and then go to edit profile there is a box on the right hand side with notification preferences in it. Here you can set you emails

    Best Wishes


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    Thankyou Sharon..good job you know what you are doing..
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    Hi hope I’ve done this right,this is me just a minute after I had rung the bell,good luck to all of us getting round the new site. Mig

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    Hello mig! Hello Kath!
    Barbara I just saw in the cafe... .congrats on being first in. I only just got my email link so couldn't get in i kept checking. Just woke up to go to the ladies room and there it was :smile:
    Thank you for the pic of you Mig good to be able to picture you. You had a bell!!!
    Thanks Yvonne for the cake- saved me a job.
    On way back from my hols tomorrow (Thursday) so font worry if you dont see me I'll be back!
    Yvonne you might need to help Joan - she's still missing
    Love to everyone
    Toni xxx
  • barbara12
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    Morning all
    Mig you rang the bell..I am so pleased for you..and thankyou for the pic xx
    Toni yes we had cake thanks to was lovely..there might be a few crumbs left..xx
  • Kitty
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    Wow, mig you look gorgeous. I've had problems on my iPad, so I hope this works on my laptop.


    December 1, 2017 by Ania - 

     comfort foodeasyrefined sugar-freeXmas

    • serves: 4
    • prep: 20 min
    • cooking: 30 min


    • 2 tbsp raisins (or dried cranberries)
    • 2-3 tbsp brandy or marsala wine
    • 185 g / 1¼ cup cashew nuts, soaked overnight*
    • 300 ml / 1¼ cup soy milk (or other thin plant based milk)
    • 1 tsp vanilla essence
    • 60 ml / 4 tbsp maple syrup, adjust to taste
    • ¾ tsp cinnamon, plus more for sprinkling
    • ½ tsp ground ginger
    • ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
    • 1/8 tsp ground cloves
    • 1 tbsp cornflour / corn starch
    • 8 slices quality sourdough**
    • 2 tbsp vegan butter or coconut oil
    • 2 tbsp diced candied orange peel
    • 1 tbsp pomegranate seeds
    • 1 tbsp orange marmalade (optional) OR coconut / date sugar


    1. Soak the raisins in brandy and set aside.
    2. Place the soaked and rinsed cashews (discard the soaking water) in a blender. Add half of the soy milk, put the lid on but leave the opening on the top. Start blending the cashews while trickling the remaining soy milk through. You should end up with a thick liquid resembling cream.
    3. Add vanilla essence, maple syrup and all the spices for a gingerbread flavoured custard. Finally add cornflour (cornstarch) while the blender is running to prevent lumps from forming.
    4. Grease a baking dish with vegan butter or coconut oil and preheat the oven to 180° C / 355° F (or 160° C / 320° F fan forced).
    5. Cut the bread slices in half and ‘butter’ them on both sides with vegan butter or coconut oil.
    6. Pour a bit of custard at the bottom of the dish, followed by a few raisins and some candied orange. Arrange the buttered bread slices snugly so that their cut sides stand half immersed in custard (fill the empty spaces with small pieces of bread). Sprinkle some more raisins and orange peel over the top. Top the bread slices with more custard, filling all the empty spaces. Set aside for 30 minutes to allow the bread to soak up the custard.
    7. Dilute the marmalade with a teaspoon of hot water to create a glaze. Brush parts of the bread that stick out of the custard with this glaze, sprinkle with some extra cinnamon, leftover candied orange pieces and coconut (or date) sugar if you don’t want to use a marmalade glaze.
    8. Bake for 25-30 minutes until the custard thickens and the bread colours nicely. Decorate with leftover raisins, orange peel and pomegranate arils for a touch of festive colour.


  • Turbogran
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    Hi Kath Yes it works ok I love bread and butter pudding now we have larger pictures it really looks even more delicious.

    ok so hope this works this is my youngest granddaughters 18th birthday cake think Aidan would have given this one his approval.

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    My gosh that was EASY!!

    now to try a cosgan Yvonne you are a star!!

    Breakfast everyone, but is it in the wrong place??😣

  • frogmorton
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    A cosgan??


    this is going to be my day after coming back from my hols... then this

    (testing to see how many I can post in one post!)

    Might be back in a mo want to suss a video of Sleek out, but Lucy is in it and it was when she was ill so going to see how much shows first....

  • frogmorton
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    File to big and don't have the energy to trim it yet so....sorry another day😫

  • mig
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    What about calling the cake shop sparkles .

  • Kitty
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    Morning, is there any tea? Milk but no sugar please. 😴

    Right, for later we are having:

    Pasta with creamy mushroom sauce

    Many are convinced that pasta invariably contains eggs and, although it is true that a few traditional Italian pasta dishes are made with egg pasta, the standard pasta that the Italians eat every single day is, in fact, egg-free. To enjoy this great vegan recipe by The Vegan Corner, pick up some dry pasta in your local supermarket: the vast majority will be eggless! 


    • 1 cup (140g / 5 oz) onions, diced 
    • 1 1/4 cups (140g / 5 oz) mushrooms, diced 
    • 1 1/4 cups (240g / 8.5 oz) tomatoes, diced 
    • 10 sage leaves, chopped
    • 1/2 cup (120ml) soy milk 
    • black pepper
    • 2 tbsp (30g) vegan cream
    • 1 cup (200g / 7 oz) pasta, uncooked 
    • salt


    1. To begin with, place a non-stick pan onto a medium heat, and tip in the onions, the mushrooms, the tomatoes, the sage, the milk and the black pepper, stir, and cook the ingredients for about 3 minutes.
    2. To complete the sauce, add in the vegan cream, stir it in, and add salt to taste. If you see that the sauce is getting dry, add in some extra milk or water as needed.
    3. Cook the pasta as instructed on the packet, and as soon as it is ready, drain it, add it into the pan with the sauce, and stir the ingredients together to obtain the final dish.

    Flipping 'eck, that was easy. Fantastic. I love these forums. Well done web designers and mods.


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    Just to let you all know: we can change the name to anything you wish 😊


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    Brynmor, how do I find the most recent post in the Val's Cafe? When I click it I always get put at the beginning, but on other threads it takes me to the most recent. 😕🙃

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