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Hello I have 2 half knee joint replacements and osteoarthritis in both my feet 🦶 Which have led to painful deformities and bunions ...I am in constant pain which in turn affects my mental health .


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    Lovely to see that you've made it to the new forum, it's great to chat to you. Like you I take a non steroidal anti-inflammatory. If the meds aren't helping as much as you need for pain have you chatted to your doctor again? There may be other things that might help, maybe a visit to a pain clinic, or exercises, or alternative aids. I like heat for the osteo bits, I have a microwave hot bottle which is great as I can put it wherever it's needed, and I tried out a tens machine from physio and then treated myself to one when it was useful for me.

    It might be a good idea to start a collection of ideas for pain relief, it's something we get asked a lot and isn't always easy to remember just at that minute

    Have you tried any of those ideas for pain? do you have any favourites, I think my favourite at the moment, possibly because of the weather is my electric blanket, I can feel myself relax as soon as I get in bed, bliss!

    Take care

    Yvonne x