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Not sure if I've ever been on these forums before or not!
I'm a relatively new body here. I've oa in knees, foot and ankles. Not great when you're a mole catcher, who needs to be on his knees crouching whilst setting traps, or on my feet whilst I'm teaching learners Plumbing at nereby Colleges!
I live on Paracetamols and Tramadol to keep me moving. Not Brill for the other guts in the old body, but I've still 3 years to go before retirement. I might consider a knee replacement then but can't whilst I might need to kneel down, as I've been told that can't happen when a new knee is fitted.
Thats briefly me! Hope I've not bored anyone!


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    Hi Moleman,

    Welcome to our community, it's great to chat to you. I've had one tkr (total knee replacement) and it's not true that you can't kneel afterwards. I went to knee school before my operation, and there were many others on their second knee who were kneeling just as before. I have tendon damage so personally hadn't been able to kneel on either knee for years and it was no different after my replacement, Daisy, took up residence. She works very well, I have a great bend and can now ride my bike again which is helping delay tkr no.2

    Have you seen the low stools that workmen/gardeners use, mine has a hole in the seat so you can carry it and there is a floor so I can put tools in it when I move around. It might get you low enough, though I have no idea how low you need to be! I also have a higher stool that doubles as a kneeler and I've tied a big soft seat cushion to the kneeler side and I used to kneel on that with the weight taken on my shins, but I haven't done that in a while now.

    Here's a link to the information on our website on knee replacement surgery

    I hope some of the ideas might be useful, do let me know!

    Take care

    Yvonne x