Hello hope everyone is ok. I have PSA and I was diagnosed just over a year ago. Its progressing quite rapidly apparently and so far I've been put on methotrexate 25mg injections, sulfasalzine 2000mg a day and now they want to add adalimumab injections. Is anyone else on this combination? Does it seem like alot of medication? I have alot of joints involved including every joint in my hands and feet, shoulders, hips and knees. Any advice or reassurance will be greatly recieved. Xx


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    Hi @Matia83 I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis of Psoriatic arthritis. I'm sure you probably know quite a bit about it by now, but our information page containing details including treatments might be useful reading.

    I'm sure others undergoing treatment will be able to give their personal experience and advice.

    Best wishes.

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    Hello, I have always been on two or more medications to bring disease activity under control so no, that doesn't sound like a lot, by my experience it sounds about right. My PsA began in 1997 (but not where it should acording to the very fluid 'rules' of arthritis), I began meds in 2002 despite rheumatology not being sure I was one of theirs, then a final, accurate diagnosis happened in 2006 which changed nothing in terms of meds, prognosis or how I felt. I don't have much of the skin trouble and, oddly enough, am off to rheumatology this morning. Deep joy. DD

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    Oh gd luck with appointment. It's all been very fast for me it seems. I had skin issues in my teenage years which cleared up when I had my children 20 yrs ago. Then August 2018 my hands swelled up so off to gp, who did a referral to rheumy straight away. Saw them in dec 2018 diagnosed at initial appointment and was started on MTX. Then Easter 2019 added sulfasalzine and now added imaraldi. It's so bad sometimes I cant walk so stuck in house most of the time xx
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    The appointment was nothing special, after twenty plus years it rarely is. I was born with eczema, an auto-immune inflammatory condition, then developed another (asthma) when I was seven. This was back in the 60s before the invention of steroid creams and inhalers so life was grim. I could choose to say that it still is, albeit in a different way, but what good is that? It is what it is, it isn't going to improve let alone go away. It has changed how I live but it hasn't changed what I get from life. It has always been about making the most of very little so the coping strategies were already long-established.

    I know from personal observation that the quicker the diagnosis and the faster one starts the meds the better the outcome can be. I now stand out in rheumatology as the hobbler, everyone else strolls aboutnwith ease, not a wince in sight. Must be nice.

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    Hi @dreamdaisy

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    I have RD and RV (Rheumatoid Vasculitis) and have MTX. Leflunomide and long term Pred. Many on here take at least 2 drugs or more. 😒

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    Thank you, Sharon, that is useful information, I am sure I will get used to this new forum layout in due course. I won't be about much over the next week or so but will try to look in, wifi permitting. DD

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    I'll stick my tuppence worth in. No it doesn't sound too bad as far as the amount of meds is concerned. Until last week I was on 20 mg methotrexate once a week, 2 grams a day sulfasalazine like yourself and 50mg injection of Benepali once a week. This is for seronegative RA but initially they thought I might have PsA. I had an appointment with Rhuemy last week so I asked the consultant if he would consider lowering my meds as the Benepali has worked wonders and so he has stopped my Sulfasalazine. He did tell me to monitor how I get on though and if I feel I am getting worse to get in touch. So once again I would say that although it might seem a bit excessive the amount of meds you are on is fairly normal.