Hip and Groin pain

Hello everyone, I'm fairly new here and think this is my first post. I have osteoarthritis in my spine and pelvis but for several months (around 9 or 10) I've been getting steadily worse with pain in my groin/inner thigh and in the joint at the top of the outside of my thigh/lower hip. I am practically housebound at the moment as it is too painful to walk too far, in fact each step is excruciating. I have tried Tens machines and take Naproxen twice a day but nothing shifts the pain. I creak and crunch and feel like my mobility has been stolen. I'm off for an MRI scan on Friday so really hope they will see if anything can be done to help, I know I shouldn't moan as there are far many people much worse off than me, but it does get me down as there is no let up xx