I currently take Hydroxy and Methotrexate for RA, but am still struggling and taking naproxen most days. The RH has suggested adding Sulfasalazine into the mix.

How do people find it?

My main concern is around further decreased immunity, as I'm constantly ill - I've had 2 lots of abx and steroids this year alone for various chest/sinus infections.

I have to try this before we can look at biologics so I think I'm going to have to go for it... 


  • paddybandit
    Hi. Have been on prednisolone, Azathioprine Hydroxyl &sulfasanine for at least 10 years or so. I rarely got I’ll before taking these drugs & taking them has not increased the amount of colds etc that I get. How ever I do find that I get worse symptoms & infection once I have cold/flu or chest/urine problems. Suphasazine is not an immune suppressing - & neither is hydroxy. If it helps your arthritis then that could lead to less severe symptoms. It might help to see your G.P regarding your frequent illness. He may find that these symptoms have little to do with R.A medication you are taking.
  • Kitty
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    Sulphasalazine was my first DMARD way back in 1987. It suited me very well. I started on 1 tablet daiy the first week, and built up over the weeks adding another tablet per day, each week. After just 3 weeks (so on 3 tablets a day) I RAN down to my docs surgery - he was stunned. And my bunches of bananas turned into hands. Amazing. Good luck with it. Oh, no nasty side effects for me either. 😀

    Beware the orange wee. 🙄

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  • jenniet
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    Hi there. I've been on methotrexate, hydroxy and sulphasalazine for 12 years now and have no problems. I remember the orange pee when I started but don't seem to have that anymore. However I do remember in the first couple of weeks ( at the risk of being indelicate) having a few smelly farts! So be careful of letting one go until you know it hasn't affected you in that way. I believe that triple therapy is quite a common way of trying to knock RA on the head and it has worked for me for the majority of the time up to now. Good luck.

  • dreamdaisy
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    Sulph was my first DMARD, I took it for years with no side-effects trouble but eventually stopped because it was so ineffective, I didn't notice I hadn't taken it. My friend who, like me, has psoriatic arthrits, has been taking it (and only it) for over ten years and his PsA has barely progressed. My disease activity is currently mostly controlled by injected meth and humira.

    When on any DMARD it is best to increase hand hygeine to very conscientious levels, encourage those around you to do the same and always shun ill people. I have a flu jab every autumn (thanks to asthma this has been the case for years) and very rarely fall properly ill (as opposed to being merely diseased). I currently have a sore throat so will not take my humira tonight (nor my meth next Monday, but mainly because that is my birthday and I refuse to spoil my special day with that junk). DD

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  • SilverSpots

    These are very encouraging responses - thank you.