Blood tests and knee scan need some advice

Good morning everyone
I have suffered with bulging discs back n neck past 10 years arthritis in my neck now have elbow wrists hands n knee n foot pain n stiffness. My lovely dr and he really is thought it was oestoatheritis but now had x ray knees normal waiting for blood tests n knee ultra scan results. My question is has anyone had any other tests to properly diagnose joint pain and to find out exactly what it is? Also just started counciling as struggling to accept I cant walk very far with a walking stick plus tens machine glove compression and drugs 😥any advice would be amazing tracie x


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    I've had Xrays to diagnose OA and in addition I have had several MRI scans.

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    I think many of us have, in my case it was years ago and I cannot remember precise details. My early blood tests reflected the high level of auto-immune inflammation, MRIs showed it because it does not show on Xrays and Xrays confirmed I was bone-on-bone in my knees. I've had other scans including a couple of DEXAs to show bone density, these things are the only way that docs can see what is going on inside but even then they may not show the whole picture.

    Those without arthritis think it is a simple condition to diagnose and treat. Those with it know differently. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Thank you for your comments i hope to get blood tests and scan results on tuesday nextweek. Hope to have a proper diagnose and a plan.
    Tracie x
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    Hi Tracie,

    good luck for your results on Tuesday.

    hope you get some answers.

    Take care