Wrist replacement advice, and which surgeons do what kind of op best,

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Hi, I've just joined here as am desperate for help regarding a possible wrist replacement for the radial ulnar joint. No surgeon does them in my County (Cornwall) and we're a long way from anywhere else, so ive had to ne referred elsewhere. My surgeon was trained by a man in Southend who does the Motec joints, but it is a looong way to go (and I don't drive). The surgeon I've found and have an appt. With is in Southampton, but I think he is known for the memory staples op, which i dont know is suitable for my problem. Does anyone know here, had an op, any details or advice at all? (I found only one thread from 2010 Iris, but there was no feedback post-op so no idea how it went. She was having what sounded like a Motec ball and joint prosthesis for a radio-ulnar joint hence my concerns that staples are not suitable). Thank you and in hope ...


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    Hi Uthnoess and welcome to the forums, it's great to have you here.

    Wrist joint replacement isn't yet a common operation. The aim of such surgery is to keep some wrist movement and get rid of pain. It seems that wrist fusion, which stops you moving your wrist up and down, is more common.

    We have some general information regarding hand and wrist surgery that you may useful:

    Having also done a search of our archives I see that there are a couple of old members who have had the operation but as you say, no real post-op feedback.

    I have tagged your post to help find this subject in the future.

    It would be great if you could tell us all about your experience so others coming to the forum in future can find out more from your personal experiences.

    Best wishes.


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    I have just seen this post for the first time. I had a wrist joint replacement done at Wrightington Hospital, Wigan in 2011. It gave me almost 100% mobility. About 3 years ago I started to get some problems, with a lump at the base of my thumb which occasionally caused quite severe pain. A scan in 2018 showed that the replacement joint was showing signs of wear and a little movement. Last September I finally managed to get to see a consultant who specialises in wrist joints at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital. I live in Devon where like you there is no-one with this speciality.

    The advice I was given was to leave well alone as to interfere might cause me more problems than any intervention would do. The cause of the pain was coming from the wrist implant. I was told that this operation is not carried out much nowadays mainly because Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment is so much better now than it was back in 2010 when I was first told I needed to have it done.

    Perhaps your RA consultant in Cornwall may be able to refer you to Bournemouth. It might be worth asking. I got there by train. The consultant I saw was a Mr S. Richards.

    I hope this may be of help to you.


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    Hello Uthnoess . I've had both a left Wrist Fusion and a right Total Wrist Replacement. If If I can help in any way please do say/ ask any questions. I've had my Wrist Replacement for several years now without issue. Occasionally it 'complains' but that's usually because I've tried to do too much or put it under unreasonable pressure. I don't have full movement in the wrist but sufficient to be very useful! and, 99% of the time, pain free.
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    Forgot to say I had my TWR in Glasgow
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    Hi, On a slightly different tack, I cannot foresee you will be given any operation that is unsuitable and certainly one against what you wish for, after all you sign the consent form.