It has been suggested by orthopaedics. That I require bone removed from my shoulder joint. Is this

I still have full range of movements in my shoulder. Orthopaedics suggest that I need to have bone removed from the joint area. Particularly the glomerulohumerl and acromioclavicular.
Due to long term pain and the need for repeat steroids injections. Is this really necessary?


  • crinkly1
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    Hello Kenbo,

    I don't know whether my experience may be helpful or even whether the procedure I had is still done but, about six years ago I had similar symptoms to those you describe. Steroid injections didn't alleviate the pain and, after a scan, I had keyhole surgery to remove osteophytes as well as calcific deposits from a tendon in my right shoulder.

    I was discharged from hospital the same day and made a full recovery within two months. Since then I have had no pain at all and still have complete range of movement and strength in that joint.

    I do hope you soon have an opportunity to discuss your situation with your surgeon in detail so you can make the best decision for yourself.

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    Hi Crinkly

    Thank you for the constructive feedback, it was really usefulI. It was the surgeon who suggested the corrective procedure. Unfortunately Covid -19 struck. Therefore it was put on hold. It should have been done in March. I hope that I can have this resolved quickly and get back to living and nursing properly.

  • Hi Kenbo

    Thanks for your post to Helplines. If you'd like a chat about how you are weighing up the pros and cons of possible surgery, normally that's a conversation 1st with the surgeon. If you feel you'd like further conversations, then you might consider discussing it with your GP, a physiotherapist, possibly even a second surgeon if you want.

    You'd be most welcome to use us at the Helpline as a sounding board and a place to talk. Because we are not medically trained, we can't advise one way or the other, but you'd be welcome to ring and talk.

    Best wishes

    Guy Helpline team

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    Yes. The Orthopaedics man suggested I might need scraping in my right shoulder, but in the end my first steroid injection was put off due to being too close to a COVID vaccine. I decided to handle this by posture correction, since I always had a stoop, and posture correction was starting to work. Since then my right shoulder has fully responded to posture correction. My left shoulder was too eventually, but on the other hand has recently kicked off due to straining myself with some DIY work and isn't doing too good so far.

  • Hi @Baloo

    Thanks for your post to the Helpline.

    I'm attaching some information on hand pain - in case it's Osteoarthritis I'll attach that information as well.

    Hand and wrist pain | Causes, exercises, treatments (

    Osteoarthritis of the hand and wrist (

    Often it's helpful to discuss the matter with a physiotherapist or possibly a hand clinic.

    I hope that's helpful

    Guy - Helpline Team