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Hello I’m 82 used to be active, finding my aching joints so frustrating, feel so tired with it, sound familiar ?


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    Hi dotlees74 and welcome to the Versus Arthritis Community, it's lovely to have you here. Especially as this is your first post after signing up all those years ago 😄

    Yes, constantly aching joints are very wearing. We totally understand how tired you can become. Do join in across the forums, dive in with your suggestions and do ask questions from our wonderfully supportive members.

    Best wishes


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    Hello @dotlees74 Welcome to the community from me too.

    Constant pain certainly drags you down I have to agree 😕

    What helps me I (obviously my painkillers when needed) but also distraction things like watching  a good film having a chat and laugh with  a friend and coming in here.

    If you like chatting we have a very friendly café forum you would be so welcome to join us.  We are all  a bit mad (and have recently lost a valued friend to a heart attack) but do take a look:


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    Having been dealing with cruddy joints since the age of 37 (I am now 60) I can only agree about how debilitating it can be. I am surrounded by older neighbours (80s and 90s) who are all in better physical shape than me and yet still have the temerity to complain they can no longer garden for longer than an hour. I've done the sensible thing and employed a gardener so I don't waste my precious limited energy on outdoor housework. 😂

    Life is a continual process of change, in the early years it's all about progressing to the zenith, then the rest is the much longer, gentle slide downhill. Some start the slide far earlier than others but fundamentally we're all heading in the same direction. It's how we deal with the decline that is important, rest, pan relief and distraction are key. We get it because we've got it. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben