Mako Robotic Procedure

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Hi Everyone,

I was lucky enough to have the Mako robotic procedure on my knee on Feb 3rd.

I had my hip done 18 months ago normal procedure, what a difference.I have it in both knees and hips, so will have all 4 replaced within the next 2 years.

I stupidly thought the knee would be as easy as my hip.

Found out it isn’t.

Three weeks on feeling much better aches more than giving me pain. A few nights with restless legs, but sleeping which I found the most difficult.

If you want yo know anything about the procedure, just ask 😁



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    Hi Bumblee20 thank you very much for the offer to answer questions about the procedure. Knees are much more complex than the hip to operate on and the Mako robotic procedure is pretty new in the UK.

    If you would like to tell us about it all in a bit more detail, it would be very helpful for our members and countless readers 😃

    Best wishes


    Edit linking back to a recent conversation that raised the same subject - I'm guessing this was you before we went offline for the relaunch ☺️

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    Yes it was me . I tried to log back in and had to change log in name.🐝😁

    If anybody wants to know anything about my procedure just ask away 😁


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    Hi @Bumblee20

    yes please do tell us more about this procedure as I don't think many people here will know about it and it's useful to have this information available

    Many thanks


  • Bumblee20
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    You have an CaT Scan of your leg, this gives the computer the exact measurements of your knee and joint.This is about a week before your operation

    it’s accurate to 0.5 of a mm.

    The consultant then works with the robot to fit the new knee joint.

    I had the orthopaedics spores and because I waited longer, they had grown more.

    My consultant had to take more bone away, this is why I had more pain.

    I am 4 weeks today, I’m walking with two sticks. I have 100 bend and very little pain at night.

    the problem I have is that it’s in my other knee and hip, so I’m still waddling as I walk.

    The physio is quite happy with my progress and all I want to do is get back to work.

    I has normal surgery on my right hip.Im not sure on what normal procedure on your knee is like 😃