What meds are people on ?

I am currently on etoricoxib 60mg per day ,previously on naproxen ,but was taken off as it burnt my gullet.i dont find much relief from pain and the same as other comments ,docs dont seem to be bothered.just wondered what other people take for pain ?


  • Mike1
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    I am on Morphine for my OA, from experience and others comments on here no matter what meds you are on they will negate the pain, just knock the edge off. That is certainly my experience having tried every med over the past 15 or so years.

  • silverowl23

    For RA, I have ben on Methotrexate injection for the last 8 years and it's been going well.

  • dreamdaisy
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    For my psoriatic arthritis I inject methotrexate and humira. They control disease activity but do not, and never have, reduced pain.

    For my OA I take a small, regular dose of 30/500 cocodamol. They dull enough of the sharper edges to allow me to get on but they do not remove all the pain and even if they did it will always return.

    The stronger the pain relief the more one is taken away from the pain rather than the pain being removed. I prefer to be in some discomfort but able to function; after twenty-plus years of increasing pain as the arthritis progressed, being in pain is a way of life. I'm not sure how I would manage without it. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi Hesterbear,

    I'm late-stage psoriatic arthritis and my pain medication of choice is generally co-dydramol 10/500. My doctor has prescribed me the 20/500 tablets for rough nights, and he's mentioned that he could prescribe 30/500.

    I don't get full relief from my daily pain meds (the 10/500s), just enough to get on with my job without coming over too sleepy. Most of my day is spent in my recliner chair, where I'm at my most comfortable. But if I didn't have to work, I might take 20/500 tablets during the day so I'd be able to get out in my powerchair more often.

    It can be difficult to find the right pain meds. I hope things improve for you.

    Best wishes,


    PsA (psoriatic arthritis) and other things since 1990. Happy to help when I can :-)
  • Bluebell7
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    I have ? Fibromyalgia or ? Inflammatory arthritis in every joint and my spine.

    I'm on fentanyl patches, dihydrocodeine and gabapentin.

    They help, however I still get some breakthru pain.