Hi I have had three operations on my right knee with little success I have really bad pain on the inside of my right knee. Up to four years ago I was really active on outgoing the pain has caused a devastating effect on my family and me personally, I am still working only just but that’s it! I take medication which helps but sometimes it’s horrendous. My wife is struggling with my condition and I sometimes wish I was not here at all.


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    Hi Chris

    so sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time, having your knee affect so badly does have such a huge impact on life and family. Be gentle with yourself and try to take one day at a time. Are you presently seeing knee specialist or an orthopeadic consultant?

    Might I suggest that you have a very honest discussion with your GP and ask to create a plan to move forward with this as things need to change. What kind of treatments have you presently tried? If you want someone to talk to please call our free helplines on 0800 5200 520

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Chris,

    I am so sorry to hear that your condition is impacting you and your family's life so much, not only can this effect you physically but emotionally as well, and perhaps speaking to us on the helpline would be beneficial for you, or there is external organisations such as CALM.

    Can you confirm when your last operation was as most knee joint operations are problem-free, but about 1 person in every 20 may have complications. Most of these complications are minor and can be successfully treated.

    The risk of complications developing will depend on a number of factors including your age and general health. In general, a younger patient with no other medical problems will be at a lower risk of complications. 

    It may be worth speaking to the orthopaedic surgeon for more advise, or ask your doctor to refer you back to the hospital for further tests to be carried out.  Also has you doctor referred you for physiotherapy, they are experts in, managing pain, assessing movement, and help to improve function.  Speak to your doctor also about medication for the pain and explain to them how it is impacting you and your family's life, they may be able to support you through this.

    Best wishes


  • Chris
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    Hi Thanks for the advice sorry for the delay I could not get on the forum. I have been back to see my surgeon, he has given me another MRI scan and x-ray, he is not sure why I am in such pain, I have had a blood test and was due to see him again on the Third of April  but with recent events this has been postponed, I am currently taking prescribed pain killers and ibuprofen, this has helped me continue to work. I still get frustrated and angry when I can`t do things I used to but I am slowly coming to terms with my condition and take one day at a time, I have had some pretty deep discussions with my family and they have really supported me they can see I have struggled with this situation the key is to talk and not let it rule your life. still have really bad days but learning to cope, the biggest worry is losing my job but I take it day by day, thanks for all your advice.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Chris

    I wonder whether you'd like to ring us at the Helpline? We may be able to understand more fully what's on your mind, and support you better.

    There are always some steps which can support musculoskeletal health even if you are not sure what kind of arthritis may be going on. So even if there are things which you may not be clear about yet, it's proven to be of benefit to eat a balanced diet to keep body weight under good control, and to keep moving so that your joints stay lubricated and your muscles are strong and flexible.

    I can see that there are other things which you've been touching on too, and it may be worth giving us a ring on our freephone 0800 5200 520 Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm. We will do our best to listen and try to offer ideas.

    all the best

    Guy Helpline Team