what a waste of time

We can rarely get to see a GP, you can talk to one on the phone, internet or see a nurse if you are lucky. I received a letter the other week asking me to make an appointment as it time for me to have a yearly review. I went this morning and it was a case of them just ticking another government box so they can be paid. I was asked how I was " I have had a virus since Christmas and it is getting me down" " oh well, this appointment is because you have RA and to review your meds" I am not taking anything and last had an appointment nearly a year ago despite being told I would be seen in 6 months but I am not surprised as the unit only has 1 consultant not the 3 it used to.

I said how painful my joints are and that I am feeling rubbish, I have numerous new nodules and swelling but she just ticked something off on the computer said when I was at the hospital for a pre surgery assessment they hadn't checked my cholesterol so she took blood for that and that was that, see you next year!.Sorry about the rant but really does this mean my GP is now taking care of my RA because if that is so I am doomed totally doomed!


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    One might almost feel tempted to ignore the invitation next year - and see what happens!


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    I did last year and nothing happened, I feel they only want to tick a box it has become a penny watching surgery since they got a new business manager. They run 3 surgeries in this area which are over 13 miles apart to get to some you have to get 2 busses and the service is patchy at best as we are rural and the main surgery is at the top of a very very steep hill with limited parking. We have no other option but to use them as there is no other doctors around. They are closing our surgery for 50% of the months usual clinics and said they were sharing out the closures between us and the other remote unit but the was a lie as they are open all of their times and they are nearer to other services and buses.

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    Hello - it fills me with fear to open up on this - but you have. I was referred by a lovely GP in 2018 for a hip replacemenmt and went for my referral on 9 Jan 2019. X-ray and interview by a person standing in for the Consultant (I didn't realise he wasn't the Consultant and he didn't say so). He said my hip was as bad as it could be and I had 3 choices, put up with it, have cortisone injections which would last for 6 weeks or major surgery. I opted for surgery - he went on to say it might not work, it could become infected resulting in amputation, I could have a heart attack or stroke and die. And that was it. Ever since that time the fear built and built until the pre-operative assessment (22 Feb 2019) when everything was fine - except for very high blood pressure unsurprisingly. So they ended the visit and in the next post came a letter to say I had been taken off the waiting list. I have been times to have my bp checked and take it at home - invariably absolutely normal. As the pain in my knees was becoming unbearable I made an appointment to ask for cortisone injections in my knees but a different GP told me I would need more x-rays first - but he agreed to see me. Unfortunately my driver let me down and I had to cancel the cortisone idea for the time being. That was just before Christmas - the pain is becoming unbearable, panic attacks come and go and I'm getting more and more scared to do anything as it all hurts so much and frightens me. During my talks to various GPs in the practise I've been accused of causing my own vertigo/balance problems, of becoming a recluse and not to read the warnings on tablets or I'll think I have all the symptons listed.........I've given up - most of this was caused by that one stand-in Consultant who I would be prepared to name if asked. There it is - that's my story as briefly and accurately as possible.

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    Hi Helen, I am sorry you have had a bad experience, as for the locum consultant I would get in touch with PALS at the hospital you attended and complain. As for your GP I can only say you have to keep slogging away at them go in( presuming you can get an appointment that is ) and try to be concise with how your condition is affecting you and repeat yourself if you feel they haven't listened the first time. I had one GP tell me it didn't matter to him how much pain I was in it meant nothing ( I was far from impressed with his patient care and told his boss).

    As for them saying not to read the medication information I say read it I always do after one of my GP's gave me a medication I shouldn't take told me it was new to the market and not what I was unable to take after spending a week in hospital and loosing over a stone in weight I check EVERYTHING they prescribe first.

    Ask your GP if there was a reason you were taken off the list, if it was due to your blood pressure and that is normally fine and the high reading was due to stress you can ask to be referred again. Good luck