Fuming over work capability Decision UC 😡😡

Hi All
I’m absolutely fuming right now😡😥 as I have been signed off sick for 6 months due to having bone on bone oesteoarthiritis in my right knee had xrays in Dec 2019 and my right knee has progressed to end stage oesteoarthiritis within 20 month period .
I’ve had to claim Universal credit due to lack of income and my mobility has deteriorated Due to extreme pain .
I also have meniscal posterior root tear in my left knee which I’ve had physio for but am starting to experience terrible pain when weightbaring and have been walking with limp past four weeks with it.
I’m in receipt of pip but only get standard rate mobility and have been urged to notify DWP as my Arthritis is getting worse.
I was awarded pip 4 months ago.
I attended health assessment few weeks ago and have had decision back today stating I’m fit for work ,which I disagree with as I’m struggling walking up down stairs and with walking any distance .
I’ve got medical evidence to prove my disability but UC haven’t acknowledged this I feel.
I have pre -o p at hospital on Friday ,As I’ve been on waiting list for two months for TKR .
I’ve rang citizens advice today and I have an appt in 2 weeks to pursue disagreement with UC and to pursue trying to claim more pip payment because of my deteriorating condition .
I wondered if anyone had been through this process and could advise me further .

Thanks for listening Julie .


  • Mike1
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    An inability to walk without pain does not mean that one cannot work. My baby sister has stage 4 OA in her right knee and has been told that she needs a TKR but she has to wait until she is 65 so has another 7 years to wait. Meanwhile the Consultant has fitted her with a custom made knee brace to support her knee and has to carry on working as she is single and has no choice. She works in ASDA and is on her feet all the time, due to her disability she can only cope with working for 6 hours a day 4 days a week, when she gets home she just crashes out. Due to her limited working hours, and being single, she barely earns enough to pay her bills. I have urged her to apply for PIP but she has done the on-line test and, being entirely honest, she is one point below the minimum to claim and as a result she has not progressed the matter. She occasionally uses crutches to get around and has a mobility scooter so she can take her dog for a walk.

  • Rob
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    Hi Julie, I had the same decision made and appealed to the decision but sadly that made no difference. It really is appalling how these assessments are carried out and scored.