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Have you heard of the ESCAPE-pain programme?

Sharon_KSharon_K Posts: 176 admin

This six-week programme of exercise and self-management is delivered to small groups twice a week by a physiotherapist or fitness instructor and we're proud to have supported it. ESCAPE-pain is predominately recommended to people with osteoarthritis 45+ who are experiencing some knee or hip pain and may have other conditions. But people of all ages can attend many of the groups and the best place to find out where your nearest class is via escape-pain.org. You can even do it online!

On March 23, we'll be hosting a Facebook Live about the programme and we'll be answering your questions about exercise. Join us and let us know what you'd like answers on 


  • Mike1Mike1 Posts: 618 ✭✭✭

    Just looked at the website, another programme which focuses on exercise which is of no use to me as my spine is so knackered that I cannot stand without support from crutches so have no hope whatsoever in following the exercise programme on-line and as the dear old DVLA have withdrawn my driving licence on health grounds and I am a wheelchair user I have no prospect of getting to the classes anyway without a return taxi fare in the region of £40!

  • Sharon_KSharon_K Posts: 176 admin

    Hi Mike

    thank you for your feedback and I understand your perspective being a wheelchair user myself. I wondered if you had looked for any exercise on you tube, it might be worth a look

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Mike,

    Yes, some programmes aren't suitable for persons with more severe forms of arthritis. Has your GP ever referred you to physiotherapy? If he can't be bothered, you might be able to self-refer.

    The last time I saw a physio, it was a bit rubbish, unfortunately. He came up behind me and pushed me while I was trying to sit up straight in my recliner, resulting in a muscle tear. But some of the exercises he suggested were okay. I do them to music to make them more interesting, incorporating a version of robot dance.

    Best wishes,


    PsA (psoriatic arthritis) and other things since 1990. Happy to help when I can :-)
  • Mike1Mike1 Posts: 618 ✭✭✭

    I have been referred to physio twice and on each occasion was told that there was nothing that they could do for me, one even said that the GP had referred me to cover his backside! It was also suggested that hydrotherapy may help, however the only place it is available is 26 miles away from me which in the summer can take an hour to get there for a half hour session, and in any event the transport issue still exists; the consultant said that any benefit of having the session would be negated by the travel so did not pursue the matter. The only thing that I have looked at myself is sitting yoga, herein lies another problem, I cannot sit upright without considerable pain even though I am on morphine! I spend the day in a recliner at about 45 degrees to alleviate the pain as best I can and when hobbling around my bungalow on crutches I lean forward. I contacted a couple of instructors who advertise sitting yoga and explained my problem and neither bothered to respond. I do wiggle my feet to help with the OA in my feet though! Whoopee!

  • I'm sorry about your physio experiences, Mike, or 'non-experiences', as perhaps they ought to be termed. There was a moment early on during the session I mentioned when the physio, having twigged that my arthritis is pretty severe, said, 'I don't know how I can help you.' I suggested that he might be able to help with my overall fitness. Of course, after he'd pushed me, I wished I'd agreed he was useless and shown him the door!

    Yes, travel can be very tricky for persons with severe arthritis. I had a few sessions of hydro in 2006. I enjoyed being in the pool, but not being thrown around in the ambulance before and after that. Sitting yoga sounds like it would suit some people, whereas for others it would be a bit of a nightmare. I'm mostly in my recliner at 45 degrees too, wiggling the toes and also doing a lot of clench-and-release work for the muscles. I can do a few stretches too, but I'm fortunate that I don't have back problems.

    It's hard when people who might be in a position to help just seem to give up. Do you think the sitting yoga or any of these chair exercises might be possible if you were supported through them? My carer has been helping me with my shoulder exercises recently, as the left one's particularly frozen at the moment.

    PsA (psoriatic arthritis) and other things since 1990. Happy to help when I can :-)
  • Mike1Mike1 Posts: 618 ✭✭✭

    Thanks. I have been sent a video about seated exercises which I MAY be able to do but sitting up straight is a no no as pain increases significantly. The nearest class to me is some 75 miles/2 hours away from me so that is out. I do not think that I could do the exercises I saw on the video I mentioned effectively without support. I live alone and do not have a carer, I have home help who comes in for a couple of hour every Tuesday and my sister pops over once a week when she can. Other than that I am left to my own devices with my cat.

  • You're welcome, Mike.

    I wish you well with the seated exercises. Perhaps, even if they're not quite right for you, you might be able to adapt them to suit. In the meantime, I hope a useful exercise class will come your way soon, and best wishes to your cat 🐱

    PsA (psoriatic arthritis) and other things since 1990. Happy to help when I can :-)
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