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Who said that ?

David Frost of course.

Found this site today, looking for leg excercises to help my knee pain.

Had a pain in my knee for a few years, doc gave me Alopurinol and anti inflamatory gel.

Went to private massage sessions, which seemed to help for a few days each time, then joined council gym.

The chap that gave me my induction session to all the machines, asked my why i had joined. I explained about my knee, he asked what was the problem.

i said I did not know, so he refused to set me any regimen until i went to the doctor to find the problem. This lead to an xray and it was diagnosed as osteoarthritis in the knee.

I wonder if they had done more investigation earlier, might it havre helped save my cartilage.Iit's been put down to a miss spent youth of rugby, squash and other sports, plus the natrure of some of my work.

I am doing a lot of excercises and they are helping. Today i've found several more on here, so here's hoping.

Can cartilage regenerate ?

Anyone have any experience of a snail extract I've been told about and is it any good.

All reasonable suggestions considered, whilst I'm waiting for a new knee.

my big problem is opening car door wide enough as i can't bend left knee very far at present. i've applied for a blue badge which i only need for disabled spaces on car parks, don't want to park on double yellows or anything else. My council say it is a minimum twelve weeks to process. i've sent them my hospital appointment letters but that is insufficient proof of a need. Phoned surgery on 28th Feb to ask for a confirmation letter. Phoned today to see when it would be ready. "Oh it was done the same day, I've got it here " It is now the twelveth of March.

"Would i like them to post it to me ? you bet.


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    Hi Calvados,

    Welcome to the forum! I’m sorry to see you are having trouble with your knee but it’s great to hear you found the exercises on our site helpful and they are providing you with some pain relief. It certainly sounds like you are doing all the right things and I am glad you’ve found the forum. I’m sure our members will soon jump in and share their experiences and tips with you.

    With regards to snail extract, I have never heard of it before or used it myself although it does sound interesting. Perhaps our members have tried it and will share their experience. I recommend speaking to your doctor before trying any new treatments or supplements as they can interact with other medication you may be on so it is always best to check first.

    By the sounds of it you have already found the information we have on managing knee pain so I’ve provided a link to a page with ideas and tips to help around the house and make life a bit easier while you wait for the new knee.

    Please feel free to join in any of the discussions here and best of luck with the parking badge.

    Best wishes,


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I have psoriatic (one of the auto immune versions of the disease) and osteoarthritis; my knees have both which isn't a barrel of laughs but dross happens. I began aged 37 and am now 60.

    Once cartilage has gone it's gone, it does not regrow and cannot be replaced. I've heard of the snail thing, it is merely another link in the very long chain of cons which quacks promote to prey upon the fears and concerns of those in pain. My OA was diagnosed when I was 52 and, despite being bone-on-bone throughout both knees I was denied replacements due to my extreme youth. 😂

    Exercise of the right kind is beneficial for the muscles that surround the affected joint/s. It helps to keep them more flexible and supple to better support the joint but it rarely reduces pain levels. I exercise daily but sensibly, using resistance bands and light weights. I always stop when I think I can do more. I prefer my OA to the other because it is predictable, I know when it will worsen and can take some avoidance action to minimise its impact but not in the autumn or winter when the weather is a major trigger. I have it in both ankles, both knees, both hips, both wrists and one shoulder. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Calvados just you keep on fighting for your Blue Badge! Since everything appears to be 'on line' surely if the various agencies communicated with each other a blue badge could simply be granted and even printed off without the patient having to increase their pain with stress! Ugh! Good luck Calvados.

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    In Cornwall they no longer issue badges because you need to open your door fully! They have also introduced face to face interviews to assess need.

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    Thank you all for input.

    Letter arrived to back up my ap for a blue badge today from doc. So here's hoping.

    Stay safe.


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    Hi Calvados,

    don't know if this is something you've already done, but especially because it's your left knee giving you the most problems, have you considered moving to an automatic car? Almost all the work is then done by your right leg. I know when I started to drive again after my initial diagnosis, I had to change to an automatic (also keyless start and automatic handbrake as my hands and wrists are also affected). It has made all the difference and has allowed me (most weeks) to be able to drive and keep my independence.

    PS once you send in your application for blue badge don't be afraid to keep checking regularly on progress, sometimes you sit waiting for officialdom and ring weeks later to discover they haven't got the paperwork or some other excuse.

    Best of luck